the marriage artist, by andrew winer

This book was another Christmas gift from my wonderful husband. I had added it to our Amazon wish list sometime last year, I think after reading a friend’s comments on Facebook about the book. I benefited greatly from the downtime of jury duty to read most of the book.

From the inside flap of the book: “When the wife of renowned art critic Daniel Lichtman plunges to her death, she is not alone. Lying next to her is her suspected lover, Benjamin Wind, the very artist Daniel most championed. Tormented by questions about the circumstances of their deaths, Daniel dedicates himself to uncovering the secrets of their relationship and the inspiration behind Wind’s dazzling final exhibition.”

The book drew me in almost instantly, making want to know more about the characters–their past, their future, how they would deal with the present. Besides the present day goings on mentioned in the blurb, parts of the book take place in Vienna in the early years of WWII. The lives of the past and present weave together with thoughtful reflection on certain elements of life. I need to digest it more to know if there are any great truths that I feel were revealed, but I can already say that I really like the way some of the ideas were presented. There are elements of religious revelation and decisions related there-to that have a ripple effect through the generations.

This book is a wonderful get-a-way from the day to day and I especially like the time shifting of it and getting to witness the impact that the choices made in one’s youth had on the future.

~ by jendm on March 28, 2012.

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