After a drought, two books down

The first to fall was my bathtime reading book (the baths become less frequent when the weather is warm, and I’ll miss that solitary time with me, some candles and good book): Summer Knight by Jim Butcher. This is the fourth book in the Dresden series and I loved it. It lived up to Butcher’s standards for adventure, inventiveness, and fun. A wizard working in Chicago, who gets tangled up in the business of the here and the “there”–that other side where things magical and non-earthy live: what’s not to like about it? 

The second book was a read inspired by a reference in The Violets of March and I’m glad that I followed through on reading it. First of all, it took me on my first trip into the stacks at Illinois (oh my goodness, what took me so long?!). Second of all, written in the early 20th century, it’s my first “old” book in quite some time. Lastly, it was a good read. It follows the life and loves of Jane Ward–the first love, the lifetime love, and the man who damn near stole her heart along the way. At age 51 (the age she is when the book ends), she hastily reflects on “the inevitable disillusion of life.” The rest of the book wouldn’t lead you to think that way. Indeed, I found it a thoughtful telling of a life, the choices made, and the results that come from those choices. 

Update: sorry for not mentioning what the second book actually was. Silly me! It was Years of Grace by Margaret Ayer Barnes.

~ by jendm on March 21, 2012.

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