Dick Van Dyke, My Lucky Life in and Out of Show Business

A memoir– what really needs to be said? I wanted to read this book because I have long admired his acting and I have heard it mentioned by more than a few people who he has worked with that he is hard to get to know. What better place to start than something in his own words? As expected, there was nothing shocking. He didn’t sleep with every actress he worked with, he didn’t shoot up heroin to help get him through his work day. He did smoke for a long time, and was an alcoholic and that’s as scandalous as it gets. If you’re looking for something disreputable, stay away from this book. Instead, it’s a happy walk down a fantastic memory lane. He has a great appreciation for the wonderful things that came his way. While he’s not alone in setting high standards for himself and the projects he would work on, he’s certainly in the minority when it comes to celebraties and it was refreshing to gain more insight into the journey.

~ by jendm on January 1, 2012.

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